About the Team

Paul and Gilbert are award-winning bakers and owners of local favorite ‘The Bread Basket’ in Camarillo, CA. Their passion for creating exceptional, high-quality baked goods for people all over Southern California was bound to eventually intersect with their other passion: being parents to their beloved fur babies.  

Inspired by a desire to create a tasty, healthy treat for their pup, Bruno, and his sensitive stomach, Paul and Gilbert began formulating and testing recipe after recipe. In order to up the ante and make these doggy treats genuinely unique, the goal was to formulate something that they could eat right alongside Bruno. So, with Bruno as the official taste tester, they found a winner and named their special cookie recipe after their beloved English Golden Retriever. And yes, you’ll find Dad sneaking a cookie here and there when Pup isn’t looking.

Paul and Gilbert insist on using only the freshest and most premium natural ingredients in Bruno’s Cookies. Some of the ingredients include Fiber Flour, a gluten-free flour, cage free eggs, cranberries, blueberries, and Bruno’s favorites: organic beef and chicken stocks.