Bruno’s Story

Bruno's Cookies, born from the ovens of Camarillo's treasured 'The Bread Basket', is more than just a treat—it's a testament to love and gourmet craft. Paul and Gilbert, inspired by their dear English Golden Retriever, Bruno, embarked on a mission to create a delectable cookie for Bruno’s delicate stomach. An amazing treat so good that both pet and owner could relish. With Bruno's seal of approval, they've blended the finest ingredients like gluten-free Fiber Flour, cage-free eggs, juicy berries, and Bruno's all-time favorites: organic beef and chicken. Each bite captures the magic of shared moments between every pet parent and their beloved fur buddy.

Low glycemic
Fiber Flour
Vitamin E
Artisan baked
Organic broths

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  • Roger
    Some times I eat them too, they are amazingly good!
  • My dogs love them and I love too. We always share a snack after the gym.
  • My dog has a very sensitive stomach and these cookies are the perfect snack for him.

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